BBC Studioworks and Elstree Studios have announced they will continue their partnership at Elstree for at least a further three years until March 2020

March 2017: The partnership formed three years ago to temporarily house parts of BBC Studioworks’ operations while Television Centre underwent redevelopment and modernisation.

The arrangement with Elstree Studios bolstered Studioworks’ existing presence in Elstree, where it already sold Studio D (on the BBC Elstree site) to the market as well as services to other productions resident in the area. However due to its success at Elstree, Studioworks will expand its business by retaining its enlarged presence in Elstree after it returns to Television Centre in September 2017. This includes both studios and post production operations.

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BBC Studioworks provides world-class studios and post production facilities to broadcasters and independent production companies

The BBC commercial subsidiary hires Stage 8, Stage 9 and a George Lucas stage at Elstree Studios. All of which have been converted for TV use with production galleries, dressing rooms, make up, wardrobe and audience facilities.

The George Lucas stage is the largest purpose built TV stage in the UK, with permanent HD TV galleries, and has already hosted many of the top UK entertainment shows including Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, A League of Their Own, Let it Shine and soon in 2017 Britain’s Got Talent.

Stages 8 and 9 are fully equipped with production galleries, TV floors, TV lighting, dressing rooms, make up, wardrobe, air conditioning and audience facilities. All of which have successfully been used, and continue to be used, for top TV shows such as The Chase, Pointless, Celebrity Juice and Virtually Famous. New electrical power installations include back-up generators for all the TV stages and Fibre Broadcast Connectivity.

On the back of the successful delivery of many high profile shows from Elstree, and market demand remaining sufficiently high, the decision to retain an enlarged presence at Elstree for at least a further three years solidifies BBC Studioworks’ commitment to the studios and post production market in London and the valued clients it hosts there.

David Conway, Managing Director, BBC Studioworks says, “We’re pleased to confirm our commitment to the London studios market and our valued clients with the growth of our footprint across Television Centre and Elstree. Our trusted partnership with Elstree Studios has allowed us to deliver many memorable productions for our customers and we look forward to continuing this successful relationship.”

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